Duties of a live in carer

Our live in carers will work to the clients care plan which has been assessed and approved with the client and their family. The care plan will be put together to promote independence and maintain the lifestyle that they are accustomed to.

Your duties may include:

All aspects of personal care

  • Showering, washing and bathing
  • Dressing and getting ready for the day
  • Continence care, Toileting
  • Teeth and dentures


  • Prompting, and giving medication
  • Ordering and collecting prescriptions
  • Assisting with doctors and hospital appointments
  • Returning unused medication

Eating and drinking

  • Meal planning, Shopping to dietary requirements
  • Meal and drinks preparation
  • Cooking together when appropriate
  • Assisting with eating and drinking
  • All general kitchen duties
  • Food safety

Manual handling

  • Using standing and walking aids
  • Wheelchairs, manual and electric hoists
  • Sliding sheets, Wendy Lets and moving boards
  • Hearing aids


  • Cleaning duties, mopping, hovering and sweeping
  • Washing and ironing,
  • Making and changing beds
  • Dusting and general tidying


  • Assisting with the day to day running of the house
  • Answering the door, Telephone
  • Entertaining friends and family when visiting
  • Going shopping, visiting friends, clubs
  • Hobbies, gardening, playing cards flower arranging etc.

Sometimes your client’s condition may change, and you may have to support them through illness

  • End of life care
  • Hospital appointments
  • Liaising with District nurses, Doctors and the family

Accommodation at your clients

The client will provide a bedroom for your stay in and this should be kept always in a tidy manner as it will demonstrate to visiting family members your standards of care. On handover day the room should be particularly clean and tidy. Bedlinen and towels washed, dusted and hoovered.


Each household is different as dietary requirements are varied. Normally the carers food is provided by the household budget either eating their 3 meals a day together which can promote a client’s appetite and wellbeing. Or the carer will eat separately still eating from the household budget. More luxury snacks and drinks will have to be provided by the carer. If preferred it is also possible to organise a food allowance instead. The carer can use this money to purchase their own meals.

Working rota

Your clients will be best matched to you with your experience, abilities, hobbies and personalities considered. Depending on the level of need of the client the placements are typically 2- 4 weeks followed by a break.


Every 24 hours day you are entitled to a 2-hour break. This can either be covered by the client’s family or friends. We can also provide an hourly paid domiciliary carer if the care plan states that the client cannot be left on their own.  The break will be detailed in the Care Plan

Travel allowance

Ann Mason Care will provide £15 each way to your placement


We require that a carer should arrive to take over their placement between 12 midday and 14.00 so that they have adequate time to receive a handover and have a full understanding of the client. We must ensure changeovers from one carer to another cause little or no disruption for the client. Your arrival and departure times are to be coordinated with the live in care management team.

If you are unable to arrive between the agreed hours you will need to arrive the night before at your own cost of overnight stay unless the client is happy to accommodate the second carer. By arriving and departing in our block hours this will enable you to be supported with travel to and from the clients houses. Handover forms must be completed and signed by both carers.


Records of care must be completed daily, these consist of Daily records, Mar Charts, Food, Fluid, Bowel, Financial (where applicable in care plan)

Dress code for a live-in care worker

 Live-in care workers are requested to dress in a smart casual fashion. We advise you take some neat professional outfits with you should you need to accompany your client to their social clubs, a concert, the theatre or a family event. For every daywear you will need comfortable clothes and sensible shoes. We also supply you with Ann Mason Care uniform this is yours and your client’s choice to wear it. We recommend you wear this when you accompany your client to a medical appointment unless you have been advised by your client not to.