I started working in care 8 years ago to say I wasn’t nervous was an understatement, over the years I have found that you do not know everything you do about your job and you defiantly learn something new every day, over the years when working in care homes I struggled to work my way up the ladder. I then changed to home care as I could drive and I felt it would be a different way of life for myself and also the clients that I look after, I have been with Ann Mason Care for 2 years now and feel I have grown as a person and also as a valid staff member.

No day is ever the same and I love the variety, we have a lovely bunch of clients who I know personally well, my day can differ when I work earlies I will help my clients get up washed and dressed to making sure they have everything they need for their day to day lives, sometimes my visit can be as simple as getting someone a nice hot cup of tea.

My evenings are always busier as I’m helping my clients settle down for the evening this means helping with their toileting needs and helping them into bed, sometimes our clients are double handed so I get to work alongside another staff member its nice to work alongside someone else at times because driving about during the day can be quiet.

Working as a team is so important at Ann Mason Care as it helps everyone from the clients, care workers, to the staff that work in the office. Sometimes a visit can be interrupted by an accident or emergency it’s good to communicate to the right people straight away. I have an app on my phone which lets me know what visits I have for the week ahead and lets me know what staff I’m working with at double handed visits, this also makes it easier if I am running slightly late, so I can let the correct staff member know.

Over the 2 years working with Ann Mason Care my job role has changed and I have progressed to becoming a field care supervisor this means I get to go around and meet my clients first hand and do assessments and make sure that the carers have an up to date care plan in place for each client, I’m lucky to have a good team who keep me updated with every single client and keeping me in the know if anything at their visit has changed or progressed, this is also brought up at monthly meetings with staff.

At times my job can be difficult with each client progressing in life to the next stages, end of life is so rewarding knowing that you have given them the best of which you can give in making them comfortable and happy. Its lovely hearing all the remarkable stories from our clients and all the adventures they have been on it really makes me wonder what stories I will have to tell when I’m older.

Angharad, Field Care Supervisor